“The Wall Around Your Heart” by Mary DeMuth

Nearly everyone has heard the Lord’s prayer, but “The Wall Around Your Heart” by Mary DeMuth shines a new perspective on it. This book is about learning to pray like Jesus asked us to when he gave us an example, based on the Bible verses Matthew 6:9-13. The structure of the book surprised me at first. The book takes the reader on a mapped journey of healing (and breaking of walls around the heart) by relying on the Lord’s prayer. Each chapter is either a word or a portion of the Lord’s prayer broken down. DeMuth writes from a fresh perspective of occasions reminding her of each word/phrase in the prayer. She tells stories of her marriage, friendships, and other relationships to frame how we have a relationship with God. She walks us through tough subjects such as dealing with abuse, being rejected by others, being sinned against, and having unrealistic expectations of others. She even gives example prayers to pray when struggling with specific things, or when we try to pretend we are God. DeMuth weighs in heavily on the matter of forgiveness. Through her stories she demonstrates she is knowledgeable in the subject.

The style is similar to that of a blog post, with first-person perspective.

I enjoyed the fact that each chapter has a “Questions for growth” section to meditate on, answer, and dig deeper into Christianity, the Bible, and the actual Lord’s prayer. Though I appreciate that DeMuth properly demonstrated her Biblical knowledge and spoke truth throughout this book (including scripture references laced throughout each chapter), I probably wouldn’t recommend this book as a leisure read, but only for an educational read on the Lord’s Prayer, or to someone struggling with unforgiveness.

Full disclosure: I was given a free copy of this book by BookSneeze in exchange for reading and giving and honest review of this book.



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