“Like Moonlight at Low Tide” By Nicole Quigley

“Like Moonlight at Low Tide” by Nicole Quigley is a well-written young adult novel that’s easy to read in a sitting or two. “Like Moonlight at Low Tide” is unlike other young adult novels in that the main character, Missy, a high school Junior, deals with real issues that many teens actually deal with. Some of the common issues are bullying, peer pressure, broken families, insecurity, the yearning for love and acceptance, the pain of rejection, and the pain caused by death.

Missy struggles to find her identity in relationships, popularity, and status. Her friends come and go, but she learns the God can always be depended upon. Missy has one friend who stands in the shadows and supports her during all of the struggles she encounters, much like God, the father figure she never had.

The novel is written clearly, the characters are well-developed, and the storyline – though juvenile in language – moves along at a reasonable speed.

I would recommend this book to any age, as there are lessons to be learned for men, women, teens, adults, Christians, or non-Christians.

*Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book via BookSneeze.


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