Simple Christmas


This Christmas is simple.

There’s no tree, there are no large presents with buyer’s guilt attached like a bow.
There’s no significant other, no fancy party to attend.
Just a girl, staring into a single candle cradled in her hands.
Just a girl, and her Jesus.

My church held a candlelight Christmas service this weekend, which was the best Christmas service I’d ever attended. It was intimate, spiritual, fun, and full of praise and celebration. All things that are fully appropriate when worshiping.  I hope you make time to watch it; it’s very uplifting and powerful.

The message, of course, centered around Jesus, but this was not your average Christmas service. You’ll have to watch it to find out what I mean.

The most touching portion of the program, to me, was the candlelight part. Walking into the service, everyone was handed a single white candle. Toward the end of the service, a worship leader sang “O, Holy Night” with the most incredibly angelic voice, while the pastor at each campus lit a single candle and turned to pass the flame on to the next person, and the next person, until everyone in the sanctuary had a lit candle in their hands.

I was brought to tears and touched deeply. Humbled, too. In a moment of revelation, I realized that THAT is how the gospel is shared- by turning to others and offering the light that we have within us. This is incredibly significant to me, because that is exactly how I came to the point of surrendering my life to the Lord four years ago. Were it not for people who spoke up and spoke out about the Kingdom of God, I would still most assuredly be in bondage and oppression.


This is my story. This is how I heard about Jesus from people who used their candle to light mine. 

Whether your Christmas was big or small, fancy or frugal, I hope it was Merry. And of course, I pray that you’ll sense the light that others have, and that you’ll have a desire to know it.


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